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 Syllabus & Shedule


Cross-disciplinary Doctoral Course

Subject Name Graduate School Lecturer Syllabus
Environmental Security Core Subjects (Common Subjects)
Peace Creation by Cities and Citizens  University Common Courses for Graduate Students  (IDEC)  Akiba  
Natural Disasters and International Cooperation   undecided  undecided  
 Developing Designing Ability  University Common Courses for Graduate Students(IDEC)  Higo etc.  
Cross-disciplinary Subjects (Required)
 Special Studies of the Green innovation   IDEC  Fujiwara etc.  
 Seminar on Cross-disciplinary   IDEC  Fujiwara etc.  
 Exercise on Laboratory Rotation   IDEC  Fujiwara etc.  
 Long-term Intership   IDEC  Fujiwara etc.  
 Specialized Elective Subjects
 Advanced Environmental Protection Engineering  Engineering  Ohashi  
 Introduction to Aquatic Environmental Ecology  Biosphere  Yamamoto  
 Hydrological and Material Cycle  Integrated Arts and Sciences  Onodera  
 Biomass Energy Technology  IDEC  Tran Dang Xuan  
 Grassland Ecology  IDEC  Kawamura  
 Botany: Resources for the Future  IDEC   Nakagoshi  
 Management and Conservation of Ecosystems  IDEC  Nakagoshi  
 Resource Geology  Science  Hoshino  
 Geochemical and Environmental Cycles of Materials  Science  Takahashi etc.  
 Advanced Biofuel Engineering  Engineering  Matsumura  
 Genome Science A  Advanced Sciences of Matter  Tsuchiya etc.  
 Genome Science B  Advanced Sciences of Matter  Yamada etc.  
 Environmental Biotechnology A  Advanced Sciences of Matter  Kato  
 Environmental Biotechnology B  Advanced Sciences of Matter

 Nakashimada  etc.

 Development Technology  IDEC  Higashi etc.  
 Infrastructure and Regional Planning  Engineering  Tsukai  
 Advanced Structural Materials  Engineering  Kawai  
 Transportation Engineering  IDEC  Fujiwara  
 Regional and Urban Engineering  IDEC  Junyi Zhang  
 Sustainable Architecture and Urban Development I  IDEC  Kubota  
 Global Environmental Policies  IDEC  Kaneko  
 Institutional Economics of Development  IDEC  Goto  
 Comparative Study of Economic Development  IDEC  Ichihashi  

 Environmental Management Education Program.


Subject Name Graduate School  Lecturer  Syllabus 
 Special Subjects (Required)
 Short-term Internship(abroad)  IDEC  Higo  
 Management subject research project  IDEC  Fujiwara etc.  
 Special Subjects (Required selectives)
 Bussiness Statistics  IDEC  Ichihashi  
 Organization Theory  Social Sciences  Chikudate  
 Bussiness Economics  IDEC  Goto  
 Management of Technology for Innovation (MOT-E1)   Center for Collaborative Research and Community Cooperation (Engineering)  Saegusa  
 Technology Transfer (MOT-E2)  Center for Collaborative Research and Community Cooperation (Engineering)  Saegusa  
 Human Resource Management  Social Sciences  Haraguchi  
 Organizational Behavior  Social Sciences  Haraguchi  
 Industrial Development  IDEC  Takahashi  
 Theory of Policy Evaluation  IDEC  Ohdoko  
 Economic Development and Policy  IDEC  Ichihashi etc.