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Peace Lecture “Otto Hahn –A Life for Science, Humanity and Peace– “ was held

On Wednesday October 2nd, 2013, the Hiroshima University Peace Lecture “Otto Hahn –A Life for Science, Humanity and Peace– “ was held by inviting Mr. Dietrich Hahn who is the grandson of Dr. Otto Hahn, the Nobel laureate in Chemistry. After short briefing by Dr. Akiba Tadatoshi, Specially Appointed Professor of Hiroshima University, the lecture by Mr. Dietrich Hahn was given in English, and attended by 46 participants consisting mainly of student.

Mr. Dietrich Hahn who is the only grandson of the nuclear chemist Dr. Otto Hahn has been done writing and editing of books about history of nuclear fission and Dr. Otto Hahn. He visited Japan for the first time to convey the life and thoughts of his grandfather who achieved a lot of important discovery as a nuclear chemist and gave his life for the sake of the world peace.

In this lecture, the life of Dr. Hahn, especially his thoughts on peace were introduced as follows with precious photos and quotation from literature.

Dr. Hahn won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1944 for the discovery of nuclear fission, but the following year, he was driven to the depths of despair to know that the atomic bombs were developed outside his awareness were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. After that, Dr. Hahn decided to live for the sake of world peace and abolishment of nuclear weapons the rest of his life, and had been instrumental in peace operations after the war.”

These strong thoughts were told through the enthusiastic words by Mr. Dietrich Hahn, and they were taken deep into the participants gathered at the venue.

Mr. Dietrich Hahn, the grandson of Dr. Hahn

Dr. Otto Hahn (1879 - 1968)
Photo Credit: Mr. Dietrich Hahn

Dr. Akiba, Specially Appointed Professor

The Venue

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