About HU


Library Holdings (As of April 1, 2020)

Total 3,472,061
Japanese & Chinese Books 2,174,355
Western Books 1,297,706

Number of Annual Acquisition (FY2019)

Books 19,004
Magazines 4,627


Facilities(As of May 1, 2020)

Area(m2) 27,030
Seats 1,802


Status of Use(FY2019)

Visitor numbers 1,023,821
Number of borrowers 84,637
Number of loaned items 177,127


Main Special Collections

Textbook Collection
5,600 volumes
Summary & Features
The Textbook Collection features groups of textbooks used in our country, from Edo period elementary textbooks through to those used immediately following World War II. This is a valuable collection which is comprehensive and nationwide, spanning different subjects and spheres from elementary to higher education. The image database is available publicly via the internet.

Morito Collection
14,000 books
145 varieties of magazines
Summary & Features
This collection holds the social science related materials (primarily social thought, social problems and labour problems) of Tatsuo Morito, the founding President of Hiroshima University. 

Shiba Collection
1,430 items
Summary & Features
This contains Chinese books, mostly related to medieval Chinese literature, collected by the late Rokuro Shiba, a former Professor of the Hiroshima University Faculty of Letters. A catalogue database of images can be accessed publicly via the internet. Shiba Collection Chinese classics catalogue.

Chugoku Goken Tochi (Archive of the 5 Chugoku Prefectures)
Taxation Documents Archive

Approx. 6,600 volumes
Summary & Features
These are materials formerly belonging to the Hiroshima Tax Bureau, related to the land and taxation organization of the five prefectures in the Chugoku region from the Keicho period until the mid-Meiji period. Brochure catalogue (Part 1).

Sasaki Kiichi Memorial Library
Approximately 8,900 items
Summary & Features
This memorial library holds a collection of books and manuscript previously owned by Kiichi Sasaki. The materials are mainly on Japanese modern literature in the post war period. The collection includes many copies with signed dedications from major post-war writers.

*There are many others held in addiction to the above, but this introduces representative collections.