Bus stop "Hirodai-chuoguchi" and "Yamanaka-ike" area

map of "Hirodai-chuoguchi" and "Yamanaka-ike" bus stop area

Schools/Graduate Schools, institutions, offices and facilities in this area

  • School of Science
  • Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering (Mathematics Program | Physics Program | Earth and Planetary Systems Science Program | Basic Chemistry Program | Quantum Matter Program)
  • Graduate School of Integrated Sciences for Life (Program of Basic Biology | Program of Mathematical and Life Sciences | Program of Biomedical Science | Program of Biotechnology)
  • Administration Bureau
    • Office of Funding (Fund/Alumni Association)
    • Office of Admissions
    • International Center
    • Department of Industry-Government and Community Collaboration
    • Department of Intellectual Property
    • Gender Equality Promotion Office
  • Natural Science Center for Basic Research and Development
    • Research and Development Division (Department of Advanced Materials, Department of Materials Science)
    • Integrated Experimental Support/Research Division (Department of Low temperature Experiment)
  • Hiroshima Astrophysical Science Center
  • HiSIM Research Center
  • Amphibian Research Center