Message from the Dean

Toshikazu Takata

Dean, The Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering

The Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering is a new education and research organization constituted in April 2020 in course of the reform of the university for establishing a global education and research center for "Establishment of a Worldwide Research and Education Center Leading Science for Sustainable Development" which is a mission of Hiroshima University. This Graduate School into which the study areas of science and engineering in Hiroshima University are reorganized aims to develop promising human resources for science and engineering fields who can contribute to solve the problems in the rapidly changing society with sophisticated expertise and profound understanding of the other areas. Its novel experiment is drawing attention of the international society as well as of the local community of Hiroshima.

This Graduate School provides 14 diploma programs that consists of: 4 programs for science areas which educate students to cultivate fundamental expertise for each area; 8 programs for areas of engineering and information science; and a cross-sectional program and a program for fusion area of science and engineering. These programs from basic to application level of science and engineering are provided mainly in the Division of Advanced Science and Engineering which is established as the core of the Graduate School by integrating 17 research divisions of science and engineering fields in Hiroshima University. In addition to that, we plan to start to provide the Smart Innovation Program based on special connections with the industries in FY2021. Because such a system in which various programs are provided in one division can eliminate barriers at the border between specialized areas, it allows students to study a wide range of areas and researchers to easily cooperate. Furthermore, in addition to the above-mentioned programs provided in the Division of Advanced Science and Engineering, we will start to provide the "Joint International Master's Programme in Sustainable Development (Hiroshima University and Leipzig University)" that is established based on the program for fusion area of science and engineering.

Students who study in this Graduate School will have opportunities not only to obtain sophisticated expertise in the diploma program to which he/she will belong but also to acquire broad knowledge, ability for flexible thinking, international capabilities, and rich sensitivity in a cross-sectional or interdisciplinary education program provided in the Graduate School. With such a variety of characteristic programs related to various areas, we expect to develop promising human resources who can take an active role in solving problems regarding such as "Society 5.0" and the "Fourth Industrial Revolution" in the complicated global society in the future. We intend to provide a platform where students and the faculties can be engaged in various challenges to allow them to be an ingenious and resourceful professional with global awareness and contribute to realize the Hiroshima University’s vision, “University of World-wide Repute and Splendor for Years into the Future.” The history of the Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering has just started. We will try hard to let this Graduate School become an "Advanced" graduate school in the science and engineering realm in the world. We expect you to cooperate and support us.