Message from the Dean

Toshikazu Takata

Dean, The Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering

 Hiroshima University established the Graduate School of Advanced Science and Technology in April 2020 as a flexible education and research organization to be a world-wide practicing center for the science for sustainable development, the Hiroshima University’s mission. The graduate school which was founded by integrating most science and engineering fields of Hiroshima University aims to foster promising talented persons in science and engineering areas, who have advanced specialty and deep comprehension in various fields sufficient to provide solutions for subjects in dynamic global societies. This innovative attempt and its results in the graduate school are marked all over the world.

 The graduate school has the Division of Advanced Science and Engineering as a core division which was established by reorganizing and integrating former 17 divisions of five graduate schools. In addition to the Smart Innovation Program (started in April 2021), the Division of Advanced Science and Engineering provides 14 diploma programs, including four science programs and seven engineering programs for developing wide range of fundamental expertise, along with cross-specialized field-type programs and field-integrated programs. The single major course system of the Division of Advanced Science and Engineering, which includes 15 programs within one major course, has much merit to make easy to study widely for students and to collaborate for researchers by lowering the walls between the specialized fields. Furthermore, the Division of the Joint International Master’s Programme in Sustainable Development (Hiroshima University and Leipzig University) was launched in the graduate school in October 2020.

 Students who enroll at this graduate school can cultivate flexible thinking, global awareness, and rich sensitivity via not only getting deep knowledge in their own research fields but also acquiring a wide range of knowledge through the trans-field and interdisciplinary education programs which are provided beyond the border between the fields. The graduate school consists of programs involving  various research fields, thereby students will be educated to be promising human resources who can overcome the complicated and globalized society which is represented by a phrase like “Society 5.0” and “Fourth Industrial Revolution” to contribute to the society. To realize the “University of World-wide Repute and Splendor for Years into the Future”, it is required all members of the graduate school to be actively engaged in challenges in various fields to become talented persons with global awareness and practical skills without being constrained within science and engineering fields. The Graduate School of Advance Science and Engineering has just been launched, therefore your strong cooperation and support will be required to make it actually “advanced” in the world-wide science and engineering field.