About Department

The goal of research and education at the Department of Architecture is to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for various types of structures ranging from small-scale residential buildings to highrise and long-span structures, as well as the regional and urban spaces. Various types of structures, including steel, reinforced concrete, and timber structures, are investigated with regard to their cultural, functional, and mechanical aspects.

Due to increasing societal demands of the 21st century, we have to abandon the scrap-and-build-type system of building and construction of the 20th century, and seek for rational renovation of residential spaces and the urban environment that emphasizes conformity and coexistence with nature and an increasingly aging society. In order to resolve these demands, new methodologies are required for recreating beautiful landscapes in highly industrialized societies. Safe and comfortable urban and residential environments should be developed, safeguarding against seismic and fire disasters, based on new technologies in renovation, recycling, and reuse, for residential buildings, cultural facilities, public buildings, and industrial structures.

Toward these goals, we educate engineers and researchers who have deep knowledge and expertise in new technologies, including seismic engineering, computational mechanics, material engineering, applied mathematics, computer science, and reliability-based engineering. These engineers and researchers are expected to lead the innovative development of architecture and building engineering based on a deep and wide knowledge of the traditional areas of research and education: namely, structural mechanics, material science, design loads, construction management, architectural environment, planning, design, and history. The ability to practically integrate their expertise is to be acquired systematically through internship or on-the-job training in industry and design offices, which is required for application for the qualification of First Class Qualified Architect/Building Engineer.