• Japanese History
  • Asian History
  • Western History

As implied by global ethnic and environmental issues, it is necessary today to promote research not constrained by state borders or conventional research methods.

Faculty members in the field of research and education are roughly divided into those who specialize in Japanese history, Asian history, and Western history. Japanese History covers almost all periods from ancient to modern times. In Asian History, we have experts in early modern and modern China, including Taiwan, and in the continental history of Southeast Asia. For Western History, we have researchers in ancient Greek history, medieval Spanish history, and modern British history.

While faculty members work in accordance with their own areas of expertise, they not only explore the historical characteristics of their countries and regions of interest but also stress their global relevance, undertaking the comprehensive and multidisciplinary empirical pursuit of historical culture.

As staff members of the Research Center on the Comparative History of Cultural Exchange at our university, all faculty members serve as presenters at regular seminars and open lectures in an effort to understand each other’s research and explore possibilities for collaborative research. We also encourage graduate students to participate in these seminars.

Toward this end, we are pursuing advanced studies based on experimental methods (data and material analyses based on fieldwork and computers have become standard in all research areas), as well as the more traditional research methods of analyzing literature and historical materials, which are then applied in the classroom.

Furthermore, in addition to receiving global recognition through the development of these advanced research methods, we have established a flexible and mutually complementary curriculum to allow students to take classes beyond their own areas of study.

In addition, the Hiroshima History Research Society and the Chugoku-Shikoku Association of History and Geography serve as places for education beyond campus, and all faculty members in our field are involved in their operations. Faculty members and graduate students present many papers at the annual conferences held by these organizations and are encouraged to submit articles to their journals.