Human Studies


  • Comparative Studies of Culture

The Department of Integrated Humanities aims to develop an integrated study of humanities and establish a new cross-disciplinary study of humanities by embracing the significant changes that are taking place globally, including multiculturalism, and by using traditional disciplines such as philosophy, history, and literature as its basic structure. To achieve this aim, we conduct research that crosses disciplinary boundaries and engage in comprehensive educational research that shapes the overall direction of the Graduate School of Letters.

Our students, from Japan and abroad, conduct research in various fields, including comparative Japanese and Chinese culture, and remain active as researchers and professionals in many areas after completing their studies.

The department has five staff members; some only teach in the graduate school while others also teach undergraduates.

Hidemichi KAWANISHI specializes in the history of modern Japan and regional history.

Toshiyuki SATO is conducting research on human cultural studies, comparative Chinese and Japanese literature, and Six Dynasties literature.

Shigeru TAKANAGA is researching the Japanese language, pragmatics, and dialectology.

Taira NAKAMURA is studying Japanese colonialism and decolonization in relation to Taiwanese indigenous peoples, from the view point of Anthropology and history of thought.

Sonoko MIZOBUCHI is conducting research on comparative Japanese and European literature, centered on problems related to intercultural representation and communication.