FUJITA, Mamoru

FUJITA, Mamoru

Assistant Professor

Department of Applied Philosophy and Classics
(Chinese Philosophy)

E-mail: [at]hiroshima-u.ac.jp

Research Fields

Ancient Chinese divination (I ching)

Research Keywords

  • Chinese divination
  • I ching

Research Outline

I am studying ancient Chinese divination. In particular, I am investigating the images and numbers approach to the study of I ching in Han era.

Research Achievements

  • The Commentaries and Hexagram images of the Xun shuang jiujia jizhu, The NIPPIN-CHUGOKU-GAKKAI-Ho, 70, pp.31-44, 2018.
  • The analysis of Tuiesuozao fa(推厄所遭法) in the Yiwei(易緯) in reference to the Shueki-myogoryakuhiden(周易命期略秘伝), Toyo-kotengaku-bunken,45, pp.1-17, 2018
  • An Examination of the Yaochen theory in the Yiwei, The NIPPIN-CHUGOKU-GAKKAI-Ho, 69, pp.3-18, 2017.
  • The Guaqi(卦氣) theory in the Yiwei kaolantu(易緯稽覽圖) – With a focus on the interrelation to Jing Fang(京房) school, Toyo-kotengaku-bunken,44, pp.1-16, 2017
  • An Examination of The Establishment of the Weishu(緯書), Toyo-kotengaku-bunken,39, pp.19-45, 2015