Assistant Professor

Department of British, American, and European Languages and Literatures, and Linguistics
(French Language and Literature)

E-mail: mokumura[at]hiroshima-u.ac.jp

Research Fields

16th Century French Literature

Research Keywords

  • Montaigne, 《Essais》

Research Outline

In the founding of the essay genre, Montaigne exhibited originality, a broad perspective, and sharp personal insight into human beings in general. My research focuses on those essays of his that across nations and history have continued to attract readers through their expressiveness, which is rich in genius.

Research Achievements

  • La mentalité révolutionnaire: société et mentalités sous la Révolution française, Iwanami Shoten, 1992. [Co-translation]
  • L'édition de 1635, Ou la «Soeur Germaine» de L'édition de 1595 des Essais de Montaigne, The Hiroshima University Studies, Graduate School of Letters, 72, pp.159-179, 2012.
  • A Study of “Essais” 1598 ed.: A Focus on Orthography Compared with the 1595 Edition, La Societe Japonaise de Langue et Litterature Francaises, 27, pp.16-27, 2009.
  • L’édition de 1595 des Essais et son Orthographe, The Hiroshima University Studies, Graduate School of Letters, 67, pp.75-92, 2007.