SENO, Yoshinobu

SENO, Yoshinobu


Department of Japanese and Chinese Languages and Literatures
(Japanese Language and Literature)

E-mail: yseno[at]

Research Fields

Heian Period Stories/Waka Literature and Medieval Dynastic Stories

Research Keywords

  • Fujiwara-Michinaga
  • Midōkanpakushū
  • The Tales of Ise
  • Japanese Medieval Court Romance

Research Outline

I specialize in ancient and medieval Japanese literature, especially research focused on Heian Period waka poetry and monogatari. I mainly research private poetry collections from the 10th century that relate to waka and Heian Period uta monogatari as well as medieval giko (pseudo-classic) monogatari (tales/stories).

Research Achievements

  • Medieval Dynastic Monogatari: Exploration of Expression, Kasama Shoin, 2011.
  • Research of Heian Period Uta Monogatari: "Ise Monogatari," "Heichū Monogatari," "Collection of Prefatory Uta Monogatari from Ise", Kasama Shoin, 2007.
  • Dynastic Waka & Diary Writings, Shintensha, 2003.
  • Research of Heian Period Uta Monogatari: "Yamato Monogatari", Kasama Shoin, 2000.
  • Ama no Karumo (Complete Collection of Medieval Courtly Fiction vol. 2), Kasama Shoin, 1995.