Department of Geography, Archaeology, and Cultural Heritage

E-mail: takehiro[at]hiroshima-u.ac.jp

Research Fields

Research on Prehistoric Societies, Archaeological Research on Environmental Changes and Human History, and the History of the Tatara Iron Making Method

Research Keywords

  • Palaeolithic Period
  • Jomon Period
  • Yayoi Period
  • Environmental Archaeology
  • Tatara Iron Making Method

Research Outline

My main research interests are in the Palaeolithic and Jomon periods. In particular, my research is focused on providing a historical overview of the procurement of raw materials and manufacturing methods used for stoneware. I am also interested in investigating the relationships between environmental change and human history, particularly in brackish water and coastal regions, and the archaeology of tatara iron making method.

Research Achievements

  • Sanukite in Prehistoric Society. Keisuisha, Hiroshima, 330p., 2003.(in Japanese)
  • Coastal Wetland Sites and Coastal Cave Sites: Archaeological and Environmental Investigations around Lake Nakaumi and Lake Shinji Areas,  West Japan. Journal of Wetland Archaeology, 8, pp.1-23, 2008.(in English)
  • Archaeological Investigation into the “Tatara” Iron Smelting.  The art and science of archaic steel and sword making in Japan and Nordic countries: Proceedings of the UNESCO (ACCU) International Conference. Stockholm, Sweden, pp.56-63, 2005.(in English)
  • An Archaeological Investigation into the Environmental Changes around Coastal Lagoon Areas. Hiroshima Interdisciplinary Studies in the Humanities. 5, pp.72-81, 2006.(in English)
  • A study on the history of the human activities around the coastal lakes : In the case of Lakes Nakaumi and Shinji located along the coast of the Japan Sea,western Japan.  International Conference on Ancient Lakes : their Biological and Cultural Diversities, Shiga, JAPAN.(Poster Presentation)、1997.(in English)