YAO, Takao

YAO, Takao


Department of History
(Asian History)

E-mail: yaotakao[at]hiroshima-u.ac.jp

Research Fields

Pre-modern Vietnamese History and Research into its Historical Material

Research Keywords

  • Hai Duong Area|Mac Dynasty
  • Bibliography|Quoc trieu Hinh luat
  • Inscription
  • Geneology
  • Cao Bang Area
  • Emperor of Le Thanh Tong
  • Le Dynasty
  • Relamation
  • Thanh Hoa Group

Research Outline

I am researching political history, including the bureaucracy, military system, and imperial examination system, as well as land development and a wide range of issues related to land ownership in the Le Dynasty (Vietnam) (15th–18th centuries). Further, I perform analyses using collected historical materials pertaining to this field to understand the era more comprehensively.

Research Achievements

  • Politics and Society in the Early Years of the Le Dynasty, Vietnam, Hiroshima University Press, 2009.
  • Articles of Southeast Asia as Found in Da Qing Shi Lu: Jiaqing(大清実録中東南亜関係記事<嘉慶>), Japan Society for Southeast Asian Studies, Kansai Annual Meeting, 1986 [Author and editor].
  • The History of the Agricultural Exploitation of Coi Tri Village in Ninh Binh Province in the Red River Delta of Vietnam: A Reconsideration of Relations between Local and National Officials and the Populace, The Journal of Oriental Researches, 66(4), pp.570-601, 2008.
  • The State Farm System in the Red River Delta in the First Half of the Le Dynasty Vietnam, Journal of Asian and African Studies, 64, pp.173-191, 2002.
  • The Ha Family of Gia Hung Prefecture in the Period of King Le Thanh Tong: Analysis from a Comparison of Testaments, The Journal of Oriental Researches, 56(3), pp.205-233, 1997.
  • The Le Government and Its Regional Administration System in the Newly Reclaimed Land under the Reign of Le Thanh Tong: The Anolysis of the Inscription in Yen Hung Sub-Prefecture, Journal of Southeast Asia Studies, 32(2), pp.143-168, 1995.
  • The Lam Son Uprising and the Trace of the Compilation of the Lam Son Records: Early-Flowering "Nationalism" of Vietnam, Journal of Historical Studies, 789, pp.42-51, 2004.