Qualifying-TA Program

32nd and 33rd Qualifying-TA Program (1st Semester, 2021)


This program aims to provide an opportunity to learn practically what support teaching and learning means for graduate students who wish to become involved in educational activities at Hiroshima University as a Qualified Teaching Assistant, QTA and to give them QTA qualifications.

2.How to attend

The online seminar will be available for the Qualifying-TA Program in the first semester, 2021.

3.Eligible Students

Any of those:

  • Graduate students who would like to obtain the QTA qualification
  • Graduate students who would like to renew their QTA qualification before their existing qualification expires at the end of March, 2021
  • Undergraduate students who will enter the graduate school in April, 2021.
  • Students and Faculty staff who are interested in the topic

※The expiration date of QTA qualification that can be obtained by attending this program is until the day of leaving each course (Master’s Program, Doctoral Program or Professional Degree Program).

The system to extend the QTA qualification by two years by attending the Hirodai TA Open Seminar twice is abolished. (This was described in the guidelines for the Qualifying-TA Program up to 2019.)

4.Attendance procedure

Please refer to “4. Attendance procedure” int the implemention for the detailed procedure of attendance.


If you work as a QTA without obtaining the QTA qualification through the above procedures, we may cancel your employment as a QTA after that.

6.We will hold the TA seminar (preliminary announcement)

We plan to hold TA seminars for students who want to learn more practical contents in the future.
As soon as the details are decided, we will inform you by “MOMIJI”.