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Health Service Center

Center Overview

The Health Service Center is a university-wide facility that provides physical and mental health management services for students, staff, and faculty members.The full-time staff at the Health Service Center provide the following services.Medical check-ups (please ensure that you have an annual check-up, without fail. Those who have undergone a check-up can obtain a medical examination certificate); medical care, emergency treatment, and health advice (internal medicine physician, nurse); nutritional advice; cooking classes; gynecological advice (female gynecologist); dental and oral health advice (dentist); mental health advice and care (psychiatrist); counseling and advice on student life (counselors can deal with your concerns about such matters as interpersonal relationships, your own personality, and career path issues), etc. In addition, it organizes various courses about health matters.Information about these is available on the Center's website, so please refer to that.

Message from the Center

University life differs in many ways from the life you led before.It is a time when your studies, extracurricular activities, environment, and contact with society expand further.
We hope you'll take the opportunity to try many new things.That's another reason why it's important to manage your mental and physical health properly.When you feel physically unwell, when you feel anxious or worried, when there's something you can't ask anyone about, whether you're cheerful and healthy or not, please don't hesitate to come and see us at the Health Service Center.