The Institute for Sustainable Sciences and Development

Institute Overview

The Institute for Sustainable Sciences and Development at Hiroshima University was established in June 2010.
In consists of two divisions: the Interdisciplinary Research Division and the Applied Development Division.
The former is tasked with building the System to Cultivate International Leaders for Sustainable Science, as part of the Program to Develop the Necessary Environment for Independent Research by Young Researchers adopted in the 2010 academic year, financed by the Special Coordination Funds for the Promotion of Science and Technology.
At the same time, the latter implements the Practical Research on Sustainable Development in Central American and Caribbean Countries program, which was adopted during the same academic year, financed by the Special Funds for Education and Research of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (project category).
The research output of the former division is applied to and deployed in developing countries by the latter division; thus, the two divisions aim to work in partnership to build sustainable societies.

Message from the Director

The International Leaders for Sustainable Science that this Institute is endeavoring to foster are researchers who can innovatively and creatively implement research and education, with a view to establishing in this university an international hub for an interdisciplinary realm that encompasses the fields of materials science, life sciences, and global environmental science, in which this university has a unique record of achievement.
By developing such leaders, we will strive to become an international hub for sustainable science, so that we can make a contribution to the construction of sustainable societies.

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