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Graduate School of Biomedical & Health Sciences
 Biomedical Sciences Major
 Oral Health Sciences Major
 Health Sciences Major
 Medicinal Sciences Major
 Medical and Dental Sciences Major

Number of students proceeding to graduate schools from undergraduate programs for 2017: 12 students, Program of Oral Health Sciences

Nurturing interdisciplinary personnel equipped with advanced specialized knowledge and research abilities

  • Graduate School of Biomedical & Health Sciences, established to promote mutual collaboration in 4 medical fields; Schools of Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research Institute for Radiation Biology and Medicine encourages dental students to further promote knowledge and education on dentistry.
  • Students at Oral Health Sciences Major receive higher leveled education and skills that enable them to pursue future careers such as researchers or technical experts at universities / companies and highly specialized dental hygienists / dental technicians.

Careers after Graduation 2017

Places of Employment

【Program of Dentistry】
Graduates will become residents (compulsory for one year) under condition of their success in the National Examination for Dental Practitioners. Upon their completion of the one year clinical training, they generally either go on to the graduate education or work as dental clinicians at hospitals / medical institutions. They are further provided extensive career choices to make the most of their dental license; researchers/educators at universities/research institutions, specialized dental practitioners at university hospitals/medical institutions, dental practitioners at their own dental clinics or local hospitals, government officials in dental services.

【Program of Oral Health Sciences】
There are many career paths that students can choose upon their graduation as follows:

  • Corporations relevant to dentistry or pharmacy; Trinity Inc., J. MORITA CORP., YOSHIDA DENTAL CO.,LTD., Menicon Co., Ltd., SUNSTAR, 艾享創意有限公司(iDEAL INNOVATION LTD.), JAPAN POST
  • University hospitals or dental clinics; Matsuo Dental Clinic, AAA+dental clinic, Sugihara Dental Clinic, Nakanishi Dental Clinic, Minami Aoyama Dental Clinic Hiroshima, Ohara Dental Clinic, THOMAS DENTAL CLINIC, Hiroshima medical health Co-op Kyoritsu Hospital, Kurashiki medical health Co-op, KYUSHU UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL, NAGASAKI UNIVERSITY, NAGASAKI University Hospital
  • Teachers; Tottori Prefectural Board of Education, Hiroshima Prefectural Board of Education
  • Public officials; Hiroshima Prefectural Police