Course for Frontier Dental Science

Cultivating global educators and researchers in dental medicine

The Course for Frontier Dental Science aims at fostering globally active educators / researchers in dental medicine, and dental professionals with a scientific mind.
It offers students the opportunity to understand "what research is" that was conventionally learned at the graduate level, from the early stage of undergraduate education. This allows them to learn the research process; planning, enforcement, analysis and conclusion that helps them build the foundation to further develop the research at the graduate programs. For 2 years from 4th year to 5th year, students are able to join research activities undertaken by academic staff or graduate students while focusing on their own research theme. Moreover, students are provided the chance to present their research achievements at national meetings. Many students find their passion for research and decide to proceed to graduate studies after completing their undergraduate degree. 

Available qualifications and licenses

National Examination for Dental Practitioners