Program in Curriculum and Instruction Sciences/Health and Sports Sciences Education Major


Name Major Subject
UEDA Takeshi A Study on Movement and Recognition of Movement in Children
OKIHARA Ken Methodical Research of the Management for the Group in Sport
SAITO Kazuhiko International Comparative Studies of Physical Education
DEGUCHI Tatsuya Kinematic Study on Technical Guidance and Improving Competitiveness of JUDO

Associate Professors

Name Major Subject
IWATA Shotaro Curriculum Studies of Physical Education Teacher Education
KUSAMA Masurao Methodology for Teaching Kendo
KUROSAKA Shiho Dance Education & Training Science
KOGISO Kohei  Sociology and Anthropology of Sport, Play, Body

Assistant Professors

Name Major Subject
OKAI Rika Sports Science in Athlete Pathway
YANAOKA Takuma Half-Time Strategies in Intermittent Team Sports