Program in Psychology


Name Major Subject
ISHIDA Yumi Clinical Application of Drawings, Clinical Psychology in School
OKAMOTO Yuko Developmental and Clinical Psychology in Adulthood
SUGIMURA Kazumi Process and Mechanisms of Identity Development in Adolescence
SUGIMURA Shinichiro Cognitive Development in Early Childhood
CHUJO Kazumitsu Psychology of Memory and Learning
HARAMAKI Yutaka Research on Self-Control Mechanisms for Chronic Pain
MIYATANI Makoto Cognitive Psychology
MORITA Aiko Text Reading, Kanji Recognition, Memory, Motivation, and Color Psychology
MORINAGA Yasuko Social Psychology of Gender
YUZAWA Masamichi Research on Cognitive Development and Learning

Associate Professors

Name Major Subject
UMEMURA Tomotaka Attachment theory, and children's development and their adjustment/maladjustment in the context of Japanese culture 
OGATA Akiko Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Pediatric Psychology
KAMITE Yuka Clinical Psychology for Trauma and Adolescents
SHIMIZU Hisayo Social Development and Social-Emotional Adaptation in Early Childhood
NAKAO Takashi Mind/Brain Functions for Self, Conflict, and Decision Making
NAKASHIMA Kenichiro Social Psychology of Multilayered Relationship among Self, Others, Group, and Society


Name Major Subject
HIRAKAWA Makoto Psychology of Off-Record Indirect Speech Act

Assistant Professors

Name Major Subject
ABE Kazuaki Emotion Regulation, Interpersonal Relationships, and Mental Health
 KAMBARA Toshimune Psychology of language
NAMBA Shushi Experimental Psychology of Social Cognition: Naturalistic Facial Expressions, Empathic Processes, and Nonverbal Behavior