Program in Higher Education Research and Development


Name Major Subject
HUANG Futao Internationalization of Higher Education, Development of University Curriculum
DAIZEN Tsukasa Research on the Connection of High School and University, Research on Academic Profession
FUJIMURA Masashi Sociological Study of Higher Education, Academic Profession
WATANABE Satoshi  Organizational Management of Higher Education Institutions, Applied Econometrics, Labor Economic Analysis
Kobayashi shinnichi
(Specially Appointed)
Higher Education Policy, Science & Technology Policy

Associate Professors

Name Major Subject
OBA Jun Higher Education Governance and Staff Development; French Higher Education System
SATO Machi Professional Development in Higher Education, Ethnographic Research, Higher Education Policy in Malaysia
MURASAWA Masataka Sociology of Higher Education, Statistical Analysis of Higher Education Reform


Name Major Subject
Kim Yangson Comparative Higher Education, Higher Eduaction System and Policy in Korea