Organization of Graduate School of Engineering

Mechanical Systems Engineering

Area Field of Research (Laboratory)
Mechanical Systems Engineering Mechanics of Materials
Fluid Engineering
Reactive Gas Dynamics
Machine Dynamics
Mechanical Design and Systems
Machining and Machining System
Manufacturing Systems A
Manufacturing Systems B
Control Engineering

Mechanical Science and Engineering

Area Field of Research (Laboratory)
Mechanical Material Engineering Materials Physics
Property Control of Materials
Net Shape Manufacturing
Materials Joining Science and Engineering
Engineering Elasto-Plasticity
Strength and Fracture of Materials
Energy Engineering Thermal Engineering
Combustion Engineering
Plasma Science
Quantum Energy Applications

System Cybernetics

Area Field of Research (Laboratory)
Fundamentals of System Cybernetics Systems Optimization
Social Informatics
Production Systems Engineering
Fundamentals of Cybernetic Systems
Applied Cybernetics Control Systems Engineering
Electric Power and Energy System
Biological Systems Engineering
Applications of Cybernetics

Information Engineering

Area Field of Research (Laboratory)
Information Engineering Computer Systems
Distributed Systems
Algorithm Engineering
Visual Information Science
Learning Engineering
Foundation of Computer Science
Dependable Systems
Informatics and Mathematical Science
Bid Data Engineering

Chemical Engineering

Area Field of Research (Laboratory)
Chemical Engineering Thermal-Fluid Engineering
High-Pressure Fluid Property
Polymer Technology
Separation Technology
Fine Particle Technology
Equipment Materials Engineering
Green Process Engineering

Applied Chemistry

Area Field of Research (Laboratory)
Applied Chemistry Applied Organic Chemistry
Organic Materials Chemistry
Polymer Chemistry
Reaction Design Chemistry
Analytical Chemistry
Materials Physical Chemistry
Inorganic Materials Chemistry
Catalysis Chemistry

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Area Field of Research (Laboratory)
Structural Engineering Structural Materials and Concrete Structures
Design and Maintenance of Structures
Geotechnical Engineering
Environmental Engineering Global Environment and Planning
Environmental Preservation Engineering
Hydraulic Engineering
Coastal Engineering

Transportation and Environmental Systems

Area Field of Research (Laboratory)
Transportation and Environmental Systems Structural Systems
Structural Design
System Safety
Integrated Engineering for Vehicle and Environmental Systems
Marine Transportation System
Fluid Dynamics for Vehicle and Environmental Systems
Airworthiness and Seakeeping for Vehicles
Ocean-Atmosphere Systems


Area Field of Research (Laboratory)
Building Engineering Building Materials and Components
Structural Mechanics of Building
Building Structures
Disaster Prevention Engineering
Earthquake and Structural Engineering
Architecture Architectural Planning
Architectural History and Design Theory
Architectural Environment
Architectural Project