Message from Alumni

Cheng-Nan Wang, Completed master course in March, 2012. Currently affiliated to Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.

Upon completion of my graduate education, I wanted to study location of multinational firms and related regulations in greater detail. I was determined to advance to the Department of Economics. I submitted "Emissions tax policy and firm location in a mixed duopoly" to the department as my master's thesis. In my daily life as a graduate student, I sought repeatedly to read between the lines of various materials and to model and analyze complicated social phenomena precisely. What I acquired through those efforts are my own valuable capabilities, which I have come to treasure. The tough work of reading English articles and communicating their contents in a very understandable manner at a seminar helped my job-hunting activities later. The skills remain alive in me as I perform my daily duties. Nothing can be tougher than that experience, so I can just shrug off any challenge now. In addition to professional training, I met many intriguing faculty members and international colleagues in various fields of study. My days immersed in that environment enriched my subsequent understanding of different cultures and ways of thinking and thereby supported my growth and development as a human. The friends I made in graduate school and the knowledge and skills I developed there are truly irreplaceable and valuable assets in my life. I hope to see many junior colleagues from across Japan and the world learning in the superior study environment of the Department of Economics at Hiroshima University.