Follow-up Research Internship

Application guide

Application guides in a PDF file as below are available for download.

Application for 2019

List of documents to be submitted

Befor you apply, please get your academic advisor's understanding regarding the procedure of G.ecbo program and student's advising with the letter below. 

When applying for this program

 Research Proposal (No Specific Format)
  ・Research Theme
  ・Details of Research

※Note 1: In item 2 in the application form 1a, fill in your main academic advisor as advising faculty for the program. You can also list another faculty, if necessary. Please consult with your main academic advisor before submission.

Before departure for Internship

※Form 4 ~ Form 9 (Common format for G.ecbo/i-ECBO internship program)

Form 4) Pledge (to Program Committee)
Form 5) Pledge (to Host Institution)
Form 6) Internship Implementation Plan
Form 7) Traveling Abroad Report
Form 8) Attachment of Traveling Abroad Report
Form 9) Consent to Overseas Medical Treatment・Personal Medical Report

※Note 2: Form7 is for IDEC student. Please submit the report in the designated format as each graduate school has its own format.

After coming back from Internship

Form 10 ~ Form 12 (Common format for G.ecbo/i-ECBO internship program)

Form 10) Certifiate of Internship Completion
Form 11) Report on Internship
Form 12) Incident Report
(No Specific Format) Remarks from Academic Advisor

※Note 3: "Remarks form Academic Advisor" is required to apply for credit of "INTERNSHIP" of IDEC.