Agricultural Marketing


The market is an important social and economic system that ties the circulation of production, distribution, consumption and abandonment
of food. The way how the market exists greatly influences production
of food, development of rural regions and safe food consumption.
Therefore, we do research on the market from the socio-economic
view to solve the food and rural problems.

1) Rural development through market localization and the role of cooperative movement in the development process (Tanaka, H.)

2) Cooperation organization and cooperatives in rural area (Kobayashi, H.)


Rural development, Village-based group farming, Rural food market



Fish direct market

Fish direct market

Study tour of mandarin orange sorting plant

Study tour of mandarin orange sorting plant

Recent Publications

Tanaka, H., Co-operative accumulation of the peasantry (2012), Hokkaido University Graduate School Bulletin of Education, 116, 71-85.

Tanaka, H., Community development and co-operative movement (2008), Otsuki publishing company, 1-408.


Professor Tanaka, H.
Assistant Professor Kobayashi, H



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