Conservation and Management of Coastal Ecosystems


We perform various researches to effectively and sustainably promote fisheries in coastal seas. Under the philosophy "REVIVAL of the FERTILE SEA", emphasis is placed on environmental conservation and coastal ecology, particularly concerning tidal-flat, seaweed bed, and harmful algal blooms.


1) Molecular ecology (Hamaguchi, M.)

2) Coastal conservation ecology, algal ecophysiology (Yoshida, G.)


Seto Inland Sea, Seagrass-algal beds, Tidal-flat, Coastal ecosystem,Conservation, Wise use



Fishes in a seaweed bed

Fishes in a seaweed bed

Recent Publications

Yoshida, G., Tanada, N., Terawaki, T. (2011) Inductive effect of the experimental day length on receptacle formation of wild Sargassum horneri thalli. Algal Resources, 4: 61-67.

Hiraoka, M., Yoshida, G. (2010) Temporal variation of isomorphic phase and sex ratios of a natural population of Ulva pertusa Kjellman (Chlorophyta). J. Phycol. 46: 882-888.


Visiting Professor Hamaguchi, M.
Visiting Associate Professor Yoshida, G.



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