3 Policies of Professional Degree Program

Diploma Policy

 The Professional Degree Program will award the degree of Master of Education in Professional Development or Juris Doctor to a student who has acquired the capabilities described below, as well as earned the required credits, and also passed the related examination for the major course of the student:

  1. Intelligence, research ability, and response capability for identifying and solving problems in the area of teacher and school leader development or that of practical law studies.
  2. The upholding of high ethical practices and standards expected of a master degree holder.

Curriculum Policy

 To develop a professional with practical capabilities in the area of student/teacher and school leader development and that of practical law studies, the Professional Degree Program organizes and executes the education courses as described below:

  1. The program systematically provides specialized subjects related to each major area of study to allow students to obtain the specialized knowledge and ability required for working as a high-level professional in the field of teacher and school leader, as well as that of practical law studies.
  2. To allow students to develop practical capabilities for solving problems in each field, the program provides subjects in which students are engaged in practical studies such as case study and theme study.

Admission Policy

 The Professional Degree Program is seeking students who have a strong motivation and passion to pursue the following objectives and who have the fundamental academic abilities required to achieve them.

  1. A person who is motivated to contribute to creating a world of peace and freedom by playing an active role in the professional development of teachers or in legal practice
  2. A person who has a strong interest in developing highly specialized professionals in higher education institutions, and aspires to contribute to society by fostering human resources equipped with the abilities required to play an active role in the professional development of teachers or in legal practice