Outpatient information

Physician's referral

  • If you are visiting this hospital for the first time or have not be seen more than 3 months, please bring physician’s referral if possible.
  • Patients who do not have a physician’s referral will be asked to pay an additional fee of 11,000yen (including tax) non-referral initial consultation.

Initial consultation

  • Please complete the patient examination form and give it to the general reception desk (Initial consultation )
  • We will register the information you provided on the form. You will be called in order of application, so prepare for your health insurance card or medical care certificate (social welfare, senior care etc.) along with physician's referral.

Follow-up examination

  • If you have an appointment, please put your hospital card in the follow-up examination reception machines and follow the guidance.
  • If you do not have an appointment, the action cannot be completed, so please do the general desk (Follow-up).

Refer from other medical facility

  • If you are referred from other medical facilities and have an appointment, please register at the general reception desk (Regional Liaison).

Verification of your insurance card

  • In case of first visiting or having no appointment, insurance cards must be verified at the reception desk (Initial consultation/Follow-up).
  • Insurance cards must be verified on your first time visiting of the month at the reception desk of each department.
  • Note that in case of no presentation of insurance cards this will lead to coverage of all expenses.

Outpatient consultation process

  • From applying consultation to the end of visiting, please see below.

Outpatient Clinical Building