Approval/Legal Authorization of Medical Services

1)Approval of establishment of hospital, etc.

Classification Approval date
Approval of hospital establishment by Medical Service Law 02/24/1945
Approval of advanced treatment hospital designation by Medical Service Law 08/01/1994

2)Nursing system

Classification Approval date
General ward (basic hospitalization fees: 7/1; advanced treatment hospital) 07/01/2007
Psychiatric ward (basic hospitalization fees: 7/1; advanced treatment hospital) 10/01/2008

3)Hospitalization dietetics/standard bedding facilities

Classification Approval date Enactment method Remarks
Hospitalization dietetics (I) 04/01/2006 Partial entrustment Standard meals provision 10/01/1958
Standard bedding facilities 03/01/1962 Entrustment  

4)Designated medical services

Medical services designation Date of designation
AIDS treatment center hospital 04/25/1997
Prefectural core hospital for cancer treatment 08/24/2006
Medical treatment core hospital 07/02/2007
Liver disease care core hospital 10/02/2007
Disaster core hospital 03/29/2012
Pediatric cancer core hospital 02/08/2013
Central institute of medical care for epilepsy 11/20/2015
Allergic disease medical center hospital 2/1/2019
Intractable diseases collaborative core hospital 4/1/2019
Regional maternal and neonatal care medical center 03/30/1999
Medical institute for treatment of first-class infectious diseases 03/11/2004
Designated advanced emergency medical center 04/01/2005
High level radiation emergency medical assistance center 08/26/2015
Nuclear disaster medical assistance center 08/26/2015
Emergency treatment (hospital) by Fire Services Act 11/06/1979
Health insurance medical institution by Health Insurance Act 10/01/1957
Medical institute by Tuberculosis Control Law 10/01/1957
Specially designated medical treatment health insurance medical institution by Workmen’s Accident Compensation Insurance Law 10/01/1957
Medical institute by Public Assistance Act 08/01/1973
Medical institution by Act for Atomic Bomb Sufferers’ Medical Care General treatment 09/28/1960
Approved medical treatment 10/01/1957
Health screening
Medical institution by Maternal and Child Health Act Pregnant woman/nursing child health screening 04/01/1990
Childrearing medical care 09/25/1959
Medical institution by Mental Health Act 10/01/1957
Medical institution by the Act on Special Aid to Wounded and Sick Military Veterans Provision of treatment 10/01/1957
Medical rehabilitation services
Medical institution by the Services and Support for Persons with Disabilities Act Medical benefits for disabled children 04/01/2006
Psychiatric outpatient services
Medical institution designated by law for the treatment of difficult diseases 01/01/2015
Medical institution designated by the Child Welfare Act for the treatment of specific chronic child diseases 01/01/2015
Designated hospital for clinical training (overseas physicians and dentists) 03/29/1988
Facilities for kidney transplantation 06/03/1995
Facilities for pancreas transplantation 02/15/1999
Facilities for liver transplantation 06/02/2003
Organ donation facility 10/16/1997
A-bomb survivor cancer screening 04/01/1989
A-bomb survivor colon cancer screening 06/01/1991

5)Advanced medical treatments

Classification Date of designation
Advanced treatments(B) Combination therapy involving intravenous administration of pemetrexed and cisplatin 06/01/2012
Administration of temozolomide and combination therapy of radiation therapy after using large quantity of methotrexate before radiation exposure as well as maintenance therapy of administrating temozolomide which is ascertained 05/01/2015
Combination therapy of preoperative oral administration of S-1, intravenous administration of cisplatin, and intravenous administration of trastuzumab 08/01/2016
Dose-dense temozolomide treatment 03/01/2017
Hydrogen gas aspiration therapy 1/1/2018
Therapeutic Angiogenesis using Autologous Bone-Marrow Mononuclear Cells Implantation for Buerger disease 9/1/2018
Multiplex Gene Panel Testing to Advancing Personalized Medicine 10/1/2018


6)Number of hospital beds

Hospital bed number
General Wards 724
Psychiatric Ward 20
Infectious Disease Ward 2
Total 746