(Additional Fee for a First-time Patient without a Medical Referral Letter)
If you are a new patient to this hospital and do not have a Japanese Medical referral letter (a patient referral document) from another medical institution, you will be charged for a “SENTEI RYOYOHI”, in addition to the first visit fee. 

Source: Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare HP 

The following patients need to pay SENTEI RYOYOHI.
 • New Patients without a medical referral letter from another Japanese medical institution.
 • New Patients who have a medical referral letter without our hospital name.
 • Patients who have not visited our hospital more than 3 months.
 • Patients who have visited the dental department, but have not visited the medical department.
 • Patients who have visited the medical department, but have not visited the dental department.

Even though your symptoms are stable and we recommend you consult with another Japanese medical institution, if you decide to return to our hospital, you need to pay SENTEI RYOYOHI (You will pay the following Return Patients fee).

  New Patients  Return Patients
Medical Department 11,000 YEN (inc. tax) 2,750 YEN (inc. tax)
Dental Department 3,300 YEN (inc. tax) 1,650 YEN (inc. tax)

Patients who are transported by ambulance to our hospital or who have a medical care recipient certificate do not need to pay SENTEI RYOYOHI.