Courses for HUSA Program

Course Types

HUSA students are eligible to take most of the undergraduate courses.

Courses can be mainly categorized as follows according to the language proficiency (English and Japanese).

(1)  Japanese Language Courses (Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced : 5 levels are offered.)

(2)  Courses Taught in English

(3)  Other Courses (Offered for regular students in Japanese)

Japanese Language Courses

5 levels of Japanese language courses are offered, from elementary to the advanced level. 

 Any student who wants to take Japanese language courses are required to take the Japanese Placement Test before the beginning of each semester. On-line placement test is to be held during the designated time for each semester.

“Globalization Support Internship” is offered for HUSA Program students. For the details, please see the homepage of Dr. Naomi Tsunematsu.

Courses Taught in English

Please refer to the syllabus below to check language on instruction.

Other Courses

  •  HUSA students are also eligible to enroll in regular courses offered by the University of Hiroshima and transfer credits to their home institutions. However, students need to have a fairly advanced proficiency in Japanese in order to be able to enroll in these courses. The syllabus for undergraduate courses and some graduate programs is available online in both English and Japanese.

Please note the following:

  • Students can attend classes for a one- or two-week (length depending on the faculty or department) auditing period before registering. This means that students can attend any classes they wish for one or two weeks before deciding which classes to enroll in.
    Japanese Immigration Law requires students take at least 10 hours of classes (equivalent of 7 courses) per week.
    Students should check with their home universities about credit transfer and course load requirements.

For more detailled information about the content of courses offered in the HUSA Program, check the Course Syllabus section.

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