Student Status

HUSA students can participate in the HUSA Program in one of the following two categories.


Special Auditing Students  特別聴講学生(とくべつちょうこうがくせい)

[Undergraduate Student or Graduate Student] 学部生 または 大学院生

  • Japanese Immigration Law requires students to take at least 10 hours of classes per week.
  • If a student fails to meet the requirement above in the 1st semester, the HUSA Committee will put students on probation and if necessary, participation in the HUSA Program will be discontinued (first semester).
  • Whether the credits taken at Hiroshima University can be transferred to the Program in the students’ home university is up to the decision of the home university.

Special Research Students 特別研究学生(とくべつけんきゅうがくせい)

[Graduate Student ONLY] 大学院生のみ

  • Special research students are expected to conduct research in their special area and do not obtain credits. They are required to submit the 'Detailed Plan of Research' at the time of application.
  • Special research students are required to find their own academic supervisor for the research by themselves, and report it in their 'Detailed Plan of Research.'  at the time of application. Please contact the professor who can supervise the research beforehand.