Application Procedure and Timeline

Application Procedure

  • Student selection is based upon an exchange agreement between Hiroshima University and their home institution.
  • The initial selection process varies in each university. Students who are interested in HUSA program should check with the International Center or similar department in their university.
  • Students who are interested in HUSA program must be nominated by their home institution.
  • After receipt of the application documents, HUSA Committee will be held for the selection of the students. HUSA Committee will also nominate the limited number of outstanding students to the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) for scholarships.
  • Around late August, JASSO will notify Hiroshima University of the scholarship awardees. Applicants are notified of the result through the international office of their own university around the late September. For the details of the JASSO scholarship, see scholarship section.

For details of the application documents, see Application documents section.

Application Timeline

Application Timeline for the 2020-2021 Program

February 20, 2020

●Nomination deadline 

A coordinator at home institution completes a nomination form with the nominess's information.
Nomination form is to be sent by email to a coordinator with the information of Application procedure in late January.

March 20, 2020

●Deadline for Submission of ALL the Application documents

Application documents must be uploaded to the designated place by a coordinator at home institution.

Mid May 2020

●Notification of Admission into the HUSA program and Nomination for the JASSO scholarship from Hiroshima University

June 30, 2020

●Deadline of on-line application of the Certificate of Eligibility (CoE) for student visa application

June 2020

●Official Certificate of Acceptance sent to a coordinator by email

Original of Certificate of Acceptance will be handed on the orientation day.

July 2020

●Certificate of Eligibility (CoE) mailed to student's home address

Late September 2020

●Notification of the JASSO scholarship awardees

September 23, 2020

●Recommended arrival date
 Please move into the University housing during 9:00am to 4:00pm.

September 24&25, 2020

●HUSA Program 2-day Intensive Orientation by HUSA staff and Academic Advisor

October 2, 2020

●Beginning of the Fall semester 2020

*CoE is required to apply for a student-visa at a Japanese diplomatic mission in the applicant’s country; Admitted students are responsible for the cost incurred for the visa application.

Student Status

  • Students selected in the HUSA program will have the status as follows during their exchange period at Hiroshima University.
    1. Special Auditing Students (tokubetsu choukou gakusei, 特別聴講学生) or
    2. Special Research Student (tokubetsu kenkyuu gakusei, 特別研究学生)
      • ★ Special Auditing Students have the requirement to take at least 7 courses per semester and to successfully complete courses.
      • ★ Special Research Students cannot obtain credits during their stay here and have no minimum requirements. They are supposed to focus on their research, and submit a research-report or paper at the end of each semester.

Graduate Student Applying for "Special Research Students" Category

  • A graduate student who is applying for the HUSA in the "Special Research Student" category does not have to submit Form 5 (UCTS Study Plan). See Application Documents section.
  • There is no specific format for 'Detailed Plan of Research'. Please write your research plan in your own format.
  • A graduate student who is applying for "Special Research Student" category is required to find her/his own academic supervisor at Hiroshima University by herself/himself and report it in the 'Detailed Plan of Research'. Please directly contact the professor in your specialized field beforehand, otherwise the application will not be considered.

*Notice: The information above is NOT applicable to graduate students who are applying for the HUSA Program in the category of "Special Auditing Students (特別聴講学生)".

Special Support for Students with Learning Disability

If you need special support for your leaning disability, etc. via Accessibility Center, please be sure to inform your exchange coordinator prior to the application.

Useful Site to Find Information on Scholars of Hiroshima University  

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Profiles of Faculty and Research Scholars  (English)

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