Application Documents

2020-2021 Application Documents

Forms to be Downloaded and Submitted

* Application Documents for HUSA 2020-2021 are now uploaded.   
* Please upload all the application documents to the designated URL sent by email by 20 March, 2020.


 Application Document Checklist(Download)

 Application Form(Download)


 Certificate of Health(Download)


 Certificate of Student Registration (Should be filled out by the home institution)(Download)


 UCTS Study Plan  (For Special Auditing Students ONLY)(Download)


 Detailed Plan of Research (For Special Research  Students Only)(Free Format)
 * In the plan, please include the name of your prospective supervisor at Hiroshima University from whom you have gotten approval.


 Statement of Purpose and Development of Cross-Cultural Understanding(Download)
 (For both "Special Auditing Students" and "Special Research Students")


 Letter of Reference(Download)


 Certificate of Bank Account (Should be officially certified by the bank)(Download) (Sample)
  * If the bank refuses to sign and stamp on the Form 8, the bank's format is acceptable.


 Statement of Financial Support(Download)
 (Letter stating the financial supporter's relationship to the applicant)

 [Notice] -Applicants are required to submit the documents No.8 and No. 9 above, in order to prove financial status.  These documents will be submitted to the Immigration Bureau by HU to apply for your 'Certificate of Eligibility (CoE)' in July 2020. The “financial supporter” needs to be consistent and identical with the person stated in your online application for “CoE” to be submitted in late May, 2020.

Other documents to be submitted

1 Officially Certified Academic Record

・ If the academic record does not list it, please add Explanation of grading system in the Academic Record.
・ If the academic record does not list it, please provide GPA (Grade Point Average). 



Proof of language proficiency
(English or Japanese)

*This is to prove that you can comprehend lectures in English OR Japanese while you participate in the HUSA Program.
*Please Submit (1) English Language Proficiency Proof,  OR,  (2) Japanese Language Proficiency Proof. (You do not have to provide both.)

(1)English Language Proficiency Proof

A copy of a TOEFL score (iBT above 61 / CBT above 173 / PBT above 500) or IELTS score (Academic Module, above 5.0)

・If a student has been enrolled in a program or courses whose instruction language is English (e.g. Europe, Asia, etc.), you can provide a letter of proof written by a professor or the Program Director.  (Students who have provided this letter do not have to submit the language score, such as TOEFL or IELTS.)  The letter needs to state the followings:
(A)English language level required to be enrolled in the course or the program
(B)You are eligible to comprehend courses taught in English. 

* Native English speakers do not need to submit any documents of language proficiency tests.
* Please consult the International Exchange Group (kokusai-ryugaku(a) if you have difficulties providing a document specified above.
    [Please replace (a) with @.]

(2) Japanese Language Proficiency Proof

A copy of a certificate of Japanese Language Proficiency Test 2nd Grade [Nihongo Noryoku Shiken 日本語能力試験 2級] or above.

3 Copy of passport

Photo page only

・ Students who participate in the HUSA program are required to have sufficient language proficiency of English OR Japanese.
・ Submitted documents and application materials are not to be returned to the sender.
・ You are advised to make a copy of the documents you are submitting.