Social Cooperation

Systems of Collaboration 1

01 Technical Consultation

Various consultation services are available, including a “consultation desk” to receive inquiries and provide consultation for companies regarding their technical problems or development potentials, and “company visits” to directly provide consultation. Our staff members with corporate or administrative experience will support consulters in organizing their problems and finding appropriate faculty members.

02 Academic Instruction

Faculty members of Hiroshima University are willing to provide, upon request, part of the broad knowledge they have accumulated through their education and research
The purpose of this service is to respond to the needs of companies that cannot be satisfied by joint research. An instruction fee of 20,000 ye#02Academicn per hour will be charged
for this service.

03 Collaborative Research/Sponsored Research

Collaborative research is conducted jointly by researchers in companies and university faculty members. Researchers may work on their collaborative research separately at the facilities of their respective locations. In order to increase the efficiency of collaborative research, Hiroshima University encourages collaborative research partner companies to enter into a comprehensive research collaboration agreement, thereby enabling organized and continuous collaboration for research.
Sponsored research is commissioned by companies and conducted by the faculty members of Hiroshima University. Research results are reported to the sponsor companies.