Message from the Dean

An enormous amount of knowledge, sensibility and a good command of management skills in various situations are necessary requirements for all medical professionals.

Dean, School of Medicine
Michihiro Hide

The School of Medicine in Hiroshima University nurtures professionals who work in the fields of human health and disease. Students in the school are expected to have obtained a sufficient amount of knowledge whilst attending senior high-school to help them in their studies in the school. The knowledge and skills to be learned in the school are large, highly systematized and advancing rapidly. The national governmental licenses, for which graduates may apply, are very special in that the graduates are expected to do their very best at all times for the citizens of Japan. However, medicine, in general, is still in its early stages of development, and we must be adaptable as possible to cope with the various challenging needs of the patients. The School of Medicine in Hiroshima University wishes to nurture graduates who do not only provide the best medicine and medical care for the patients they have at present, but also open new methods of treatment and the use of medicine in the future. We sincerely hope that many applicants with a good sensibility will wish to become professionals who do their very best at all times - especially in tough situations where they must draw upon their leadership skills and comprehensive medical knowledge.