Study Abroad Programs

Clinical Practice of Medicine (going abroad)

4th year medical students are given research training opportunities at overseas universities or research institutions as a part of clinical practices of medicine (4 month). Candidates are required to possess a strong motivation to do research and advanced communication skills abroad.

  • Host countries : USA, Canada, Germany, Finland, The Netherlands, UK, Switzerland, Australia, Vietnam 
  • Duration of stay : up to 4 months
  • Eligibility : 4th year students in the Program of Medicine
  • Number of students admitted : 1-2 persons per university/institution
  • Credit transfer : agreed
  • Cost : approximately 1,500,000 JPY

School of Medicine Study Abroad Program

Students with excellence academic achievements are given practical training opportunities as clinical trainees at the universities or research institutions with international exchange agreements, aiming to acquire advanced clinical knowledge and skills, while developing mutual understanding with the overseas universities / institutions. Candidates are required to possess the necessary English ability to practice clinical trainings abroad.

  • Host countries : Germany, Australia, Taiwan, Turkey
  • Duration of stay : 1 month (July-August or March)
  • Eligibility : 5th year students in the Program of Medicine
  • Number of students admitted : 2-4 persons
  • Credit transfer : none
  • Cost : approximately 300,000 JPY with financial support for travel expenses