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University Response to Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Information for international students currently outside of Japan

The following may be subject to change according to the circumstances regarding the spread of the coronavirus infections from this point of time onwards.


Students, Faculty and Administrative Members


Regarding the place of residence during online classes

Q1. For new students, online classes will start on April 15, and face-to-face classes will start after the "Golden Week" holidays in May. Since my hometown is far from the university, can I take online classes from my parent's house instead of moving to an apartment closer to the university?

A1. Amid the rapid spread of the novel coronavirus infection outbreak in Japan, the new students' group guidance sessions have been canceled for prevention. However, the 1st month before the face-to-face classes start is a period for students to grasp the several environments necessary for studying, such as the different university facilities (libraries and welfare facilities), HU's network system, platforms, and learning tools. Please note that during this period, each School/Graduate School's Support Offices will be assisting students with course registrations and answering any inquiries related to student life. Moreover, tutors will also be offering guidance and advice regarding student life and online learning methods. All of these services will be offered by taking into account the safety of all HU members: students, faculty and administrative members. Given these considerations, unless you have any special condition or major concern, we encourage you to live within commuting distance from campus.


Entrance Examinations