President’s Awards


In the 2002 academic year, the President's Awards scheme was established at Hiroshima University, in order to assist in encouraging the university to come together and strive to achieve its targets, while adhering to the university's ideals. Focusing on distinctive, outstanding achievements, such as in the fields of education and research or social contributions, the awards are held in November each year, as a general rule, to celebrate staff, faculty members and groups within the university, as well as individuals and groups outside it, which have made a contribution to the development of Hiroshima University.

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List of recipients

2018 Academic Year

  • research group of "A hand-held impulse-radar breast cancer detector"
    Morihito Okada(Prof. , Department of Surgical Oncology)

2016 Academic Year

  • Yoshihiro Takihara(Prof. , Department of Stem Cell Biology)

2015 Academic Year

  • Tatsuo Miyamoto(Lecturer, Department of Genetics and Cell Biology)

2013 Academic Year

  • Morihito Okada(Prof. , Department of Surgical Oncology)

2010 Academic Year

  • Hideshi Kawakami(Prof. , Department of Epidemiology)