Animal Science Program

- To enjoy abundant gifts from animals -

Through in-depth understanding about vital functions of mammals and birds and systematic development of skills concerning animal production and use, the Animal Science Program develops human resources who are well versed in a broad range of fields relating to animal production and are capable of identifying problems and working out solutions.
The program provides lectures and practical training that include most advanced studies conducted in each course, thereby helping students learn about the survival and procreative mechanisms of animals. These latter studies specifically concern analyses of genes relating to animal growth, analyses of fertilization mechanisms through a molecular biological approach, and analyses of animal behavior and homeostatic mechanisms through hormonal networks inside the brain and digestive organs. Students also learn how to apply biotechnology to animal production, thereby enhancing specific functions in ways that accord with the physiological functions of the animals in question.
This program requires each student to choose a theme that most suits his or her interests for his or her graduation research, actively conduct research concerning animal function analysis or animal production, thereby helping him or her grow into a researcher or engineer who can play a substantial role in the international arena.