5th PU-HU Symposium on Advanced materials for Energy

場所:広島大学東広島キャンパス 先端研304S

9:00-10:00 Prof. Xingguo Li
(Peking University)
Synthesis and Properties of Nanostructured Materials for Hydrogen Storage and Lithium Battery by Hot and Cold Plasma
10:00-10:20 Haizhen Liu
Hydrogen energy research in State Grid Corporation of China
10:20-10:50 Prof. Yoshitsugu Kojima
(IAMR, Hiroshima University)
Research activity on Hydrogen in Hiroshima University (temporary)
10:50-11:20 Assistant Prof. Liang Zeng
(IAMR, Hiroshima University)
VGCF supported MgH2 electrode for all solid state lithium ion batteries
11:20-11:50 Assistant Prof. Ankur Jain
(IAMR, Hiroshima University)
Ammonia suppression during decomposition of Sodium Amide by the addition of metal hydride
11:50-13:30   lunch
13:30-14:00 Dr. Sanjay Kumar
(IAMR, Hiroshima University)
Thermal decomposition kinetics of sodium borohydride
14:00-14:30 Mr. Teng Wang
(Peking University)
Ni-based Multiphase Nanocomposite for Highly Efficient Electrochemical Hydrogen Evolution
14:30-15:00 Mr. Xinghua Chang
(Peking University)
Miniature room temperature formaldehyde sensor with high sensitivity and selectivity
15:00-15:10   break
15:10-15:40 Mr. Keita Nakajima
(AdSM, Hiroshima University)
Catalysis of Lithium Chloride and Alkali Metal Borohydrides on Hydrogen Generation of Ammonia and Lithium Hydride System
15:40-16:10 Mr. Shotaro Yamaguchi
(Hiroshima University)
Nitrogen dissociation by lithium alloys
16:10-16:40 Mr. Hiroki Uesato
(Ryukyu University)
Regeneration/Synthesis Mechanism of Ammonia Borane from Boride by Hydrazine and Ammonia