Teach-in-English Program

Warning: Exam schedule is changed! (See below for detail.)

1. General Guide

Since April 1994, the Information and Computer Sciences Graduate Program at Hiroshima University hasbeen teaching classes in English only in an attempt to obtain bright students from all over the world. Unlike other governmental programs designed specifically for foreign students, we accept as many qualified foreign students as possible up to the full capacity originally given to Japanese students by Monbukagakusho, the Ministry of Education of Japan. Japanese students are expected to start thinking in English, so that they will have the ability to develop ideas and share them on an international level, as well as present their achievements at international conferences. Foreign students may also have a better chance of developing their professional experiences in Japanese industry upon completion of their studies. You are cordially encourged to participate in the 2008/2009 program.

Programs of Study

The Graduate School of Information Engineering at Hiroshima University offers programs leading to a Master or a Doctorate. Dissertations are necessary both for Master's and Doctoral degrees to complete the applicant's research requirements. Anyone can pursue either a Master's or Doctoral course.

Staff Organization

The teaching staff consists of the professors in two Faculties in Hiroshima University - the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Integrated Arts and Sciences, who specialize in information and computer sciences. Their technical and research interests span a broad spectrum of areas including information mathematics, information statistics, information networking, distributed systems, multimedia computing, AI architectures, computer graphics, and software engineering. Visiting professors will also give intensive courses on state-of-theart technologies in various fields.


Hiroshima University is located 37km east of Hiroshima City, where you can appreciate a traditional Japanese cultural setting with peace and quiet. Student domitories (public/private) are accommodated mostly within walking distance of the univerisity campus. The weather is mild throughout the year with moderate variation between summer and winter.


Qualification Approval

Warning: Exam schedule is changed! 

  • For Master's Course applicants, the entrance exam takes place at the beginning of January 2008. The applicants are requested to provide application forms by the middle of December 2007 during their stay as Research Students. The exam, however, is not the primary consideration for admission. It was originally given to Japanese applicants, before the course was also opened to foreign students.
  • For Doctoral candidates, exams are not required. The only thing they are requested is to present the results of their Master's Course (or equivalent) dissertation research and plans for their doctoral studies. This presentation is scheduled at the end of January 2008.


2. Application Process

Those students who are interested in this program are recommended to follow the steps indicated below:

Step 1 (Personal contact based on your interest):

Contact potential supervisors who specialize in the area of your interest and get their approval for pursuing graduate studies at their labs prior to the possible scholarship applications. Move to the next step if approved. E-mail communications are recommended for a quick turn around.


Step 2 (Financial support):

If you already have public or private funds to support your study, you can proceed to the next step. Otherwise, apply for a scholarship. One of the most popular scholarships is the one supported by the Ministry of Education in Japan, which is called "Monbusho scholarship". Monbusho Scholarship can be applied at the Japanese Embassy in the country of your nationality. Note that without the supervisor's approval, there will be no chance to pass the screening processes. If your application is approved, then move to the step indicated below.

Step 3: (Qualification exams):


You will come to Japan as a research student and then your position will be converted to a Master's Course student in the next April or a doctoral candidate in the next April/October upon your success in the qualification exams. A doctoral candidate is requested to present one's technical achievement and a plan for pursuing Ph.D dissertation study.