ARIMA, Takuya

ARIMA, Takuya


Department of Applied Philosophy and Classics
(Chinese Philosophy)

E-mail: tarima[at]

Research Fields

Ancient Chinese Thought and Cultural Research and Early Modern/Modern Japanese Sinology

Research Keywords

  • Huang-lao Thought
  • Han Period Thought

Research Outline

I am studying the history of ancient Chinese thought (Qin-Han). My specialist area is the thought trends around the time of Emperor Wu of the Western Han Dynasty (the conflict between Huang-lao thought and Confucianism). An example of work I analyze is Huainanzi. I am also doing research on the Japanese scholars of the Chinese classics during Bakumatsu and Meiji periods.

Research Achievements

  • Sekisui Takahashi, the Archeologist: Research on the History of Early-modern Awa Chinese Scholarship, Chugoku Shoten, 2007.
  • Huainanzi’s Political Thought, Kyuko Shoin, 1998.
  • Introduction to ‘Huai-nan-wan-bi-shu’ Studies, Toyo Kotengaku Kenkyu, 40, pp.1-19, 2015.
  • Ian Okamoto’s Personal Network, Toyo Kotengaku Kenkyu, 35, pp.69-85, 2013.