Department of Japanese and Chinese Languages and Literatures
(Japanese Language and Literature)

E-mail: narimoto[at]

Research Fields

Modern and Contemporary Japanese Literature and Gender Criticism

Research Keywords

  • Modern Japanese Literature
  • Gender Criticism
  • Queer Theory
  • MISHIMA Yukio
  • OKADA Michiyo
  • Theatre Resarch

Research Outline

My specialization is in modern Japanese literature. Using narrative and gender as a gateway while exploring fresh engagement and readings of the novels and plays of Yukio Mishima and modern female writers, I am committed to pursuing steady work that involves writing critical biographies of local writers, creating lists of works, etc.

Research Achievements

  • Yukio Misihima in the 21st Century, Kanrin Shobo, 2015. [Co-editer and co-author]
  • Yukio Mishima: Narrative Power and Gender in “Hojo-no-umi (The Sea of Fertility)”, Kanrin Shobo, 2010.
  • Theatrical Literature and Gender Performativity: Yukio Mishima's Sotoba Komachi, Script as a Speech Act, The Journal of the Association for Narrative Studies, 14, pp.28-42, 2014.
  • Fujitsuna Aoto's Cultural Image and “Hadaka Gawa” (A New Version of Countries’ Tales), Dazai Osamu Kenkyû, 22, pp.53-63, 2014.
  • Whose “Story” Is It? : Tayama Katai’s Futon (Quilt, 1907) and a Novel by Okada Michiyo, Modern Japanese Literature, 88, pp.33-48, 2013.