Associate Professor

Department of History
(Asian History)

E-mail: funada[at]

Research Fields

Mongol Empire, Pre-modern Chinese History, and Central Eurasian Studies


Research Keywords

  • Mongol
  • Central Eurasia
  • China, East Asia
  • History, Yuan Dynasty
  • Stone Inscriptions
  • Documents
  • Ethnicity
  • Contact Linguistics

Research Outline

My research centered on the politics, institution, societies, culture, languages, and their diversity of the Mongol Empire.

Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (KAKENHI) 2016-2017

Study on the Mongol - Song War: Comprehensive Analysis of the Historical Documents, Battle Sites, and Relics.
- Scientific Research (C) / Continued
- This study examines the Mongol - Song War through comprehensive analysis of the historical documents, battle Sites, and relics.