INAI, Taro

INAI, Taro


Department of History
(Western History)

E-mail: tinai[at]

Research Fields

Modern British Politics and Society

Research Keywords

  • Maritime
  • England in 16th Century
  • Political Culture

Research Outline

I am researching modern British history. I study “British culture,” which includes gentlemen, the tea culture, and the formation of the empire. I am also examining how these cultural aspects were historically formed and what influence they had on the formation of the modern state.

Research Achievements

  • The Short Oxford History of the British Isles vol.6, Keio University Press, 2010 [Co-translation].
  • The Study of Financial Administration in 16th Century England, Hiroshima University Press, 2006.
  • The Rethinking of the War against Spanish Armada: The Introduction of the New Ship Money, Review of Western History, 42, pp.31-59, 2015.
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  • Study on the Accounting System of the Receipt of the Exchequer in Early Tudor Period, The Studies in Western History, 161, pp.49-61, 1991.
  • Study on the Political Intention of the Change of the Customs System in 1558, Review of Historical Studies, 172, pp.39-62, 1986.