ITO, Naoko

ITO, Naoko

Associate Professor

Department of Geography, Archaeology, and Cultural Heritage
(Cultural Heritage)

E-mail: itona[at]

Research Fields

Ancient Indonesian Religious Art and Japanese Industrial Art History Research

Research Keywords

  • Indonesia
  • Tantric Buddhism
  • rivijaya
  • Japanese Traditional Crafts

Research Outline

I study the relationship between Tantric Buddhism in Japan and Indonesia through surviving art, such as cast images and ritual implements for religious rites. I also consider the nature of Japanese culture from a pan-Asian perspective through cultural assets, particularly industrial art.

Research Achievements

  • The Religious Art of Indonesia: The World of Cast Images and Ritual Implements, Hozokan, 2007.
  • Study of a Four-armed Gilt Bronze Standing Avalokitesvara Unearthed in Jambi, South Sumatra, Journal of Indian and Buddhist Studies, 63(3), pp.1333-1340, 2015.
  • The Changing Industry of Buddhist Altars and Ritual Implements: Japan and Recent Trends in Coastal China, Shigemi Inaga (ed.), Traditional Japanese Arts & Crafts : A Reconsideration from Inside and Outside Kyoto, Shibunkaku, pp.602-616, 2007.
  • Priest’s Hand-bells (Ghantas) in Asian Countries: Especially on the Samaya Design on Indonesian Bells, Journal of Indian and Buddhist Studies, 51(2), pp.1025-1022, 2003.
  • The Vajra and Vajra Bells of Java, The Journal of Buddhist Iconography, 20, pp.74-98, 2001.
  • Images of Vairocana in Java: Focused on Bronze Statues, Journal of Research Society of Buddhism and Cultural Heritage, 6, 99-129, 1997.