Department of Integrated Humanities
(Comparative Studies of Culture)

E-mail: nakamt[at]

Research Fields

Japanese Studies, Anthropology, Japanese Colonialism, Taiwanese Indigenous Peoples, Historical Experiences

Research Keywords

  • Japanese Studies
  • Anthropology
  • Japanese Colonialism
  • Taiwanese Indigenous Peoples
  • Historical Experiences

Research Outline

While studying Japanese Studies and Anthropology, I conduct research by listening to and writing on the historical experiences of people involved with colonialism, considering the meaning behind these experiences. In particular, I conduct field work on the relationship between Japanese colonialism and Taiwanese indigenous peoples.

Research Achievements

  • Japan’s “National Responsibility” and Recognition of the Wushe Incident in regard to the Colonization of Taiwan, Focusing on an Analysis of Japanese Middle and High School Textbooks after World War II, Bulletin of the Faculty of Literature, Kobe Women's University, 46, pp.49-69, 2013.
  • Passive Practice and Partage: An Account of Masaru Nakamura’s Historical Experiences with Taiwanese Indigenous Peoples, The Korean Journal of Japanology, 86, pp.297-311, 2011.
  • Memories of Colonial Violence and Japanese Responsibility: The Indigenous Atayal People of Taiwan and the Spread of the Decolonization Movement, The Korean Journal of Japanology, 77, pp.203-220, 2008.