NOJIMA, Hisashi

NOJIMA, Hisashi


Department of Geography, Archaeology, and Cultural Heritage

E-mail: nojima[at]

Research Fields

Research on the Yayoi Period and Ancient Ironware Culture Research

Research Keywords

  • Chiefdom Societies
  • Burial Mounds in the Yayoi Period
  • The Yayoi Period
  • Iron Culture
  • The Kofun Period
  • Casting Iron Hardware
  • Archaeology
  • Ritual Deposit Site
  • Excavation
  • Forged Iron Hardware

Research Outline

I am engaged in archaeological research on ancient ironware cultures. I am particularly interested in comparing ironware that is known from the Yayoi and Kofun periods and in analyzing smithy relics in order to better understand the distinctive developmental phases of ironware cultures in Japan.

Research Achievements

  • Innovation as Seen in Ironware: The State of Ironware Distribution during the Formation of the Embryonic Nation, Innovations during the Formation of the Embryonic Nation, Society of Archaeological Studies, pp.75-102, 2000.
  • An Aspect of Ironware Production during the Yayoi and Kofun Periods, Journal of Historical Iron and Steel, 38, pp.1-34, 1997.
  • Shouldered Iron Axes of the Kofun Period, Quarterly of Archaeological Studies, 41(4), pp.53-77, 1995.