OGAWA, Tsuneo

OGAWA, Tsuneo


Department of Japanese and Chinese Languages and Literatures
(Chinese Language and Literature)

E-mail: tsuogawa[at]hiroshima-u.ac.jp

Research Fields

Six Dynasties, Yuefu and Late-Qing/Early-Min Language and Literature

Research Keywords

  • Huang Zunxian (黄遵憲)
  • Chinese Poetry
  • Yuefu (楽府)
  • The End of the Qing Dynasty
  • Six Dynasties

Research Outline

I read ancient Chinese poetry. Using Yuefu poetry as a model, I believe that the passing down and phases of the development of literary language can be understood. Recently, I have been advancing my investigations and research by focusing on poetry from the period of the Six Dynasties, which prepared the way for the literary language of Tang poetry.

Research Achievements

  • Meiji-period Tokyo Depicted in Poetry (1): Yù Màntuó’s "Tokyo Daily Affairs Poetry", Chugoku Chusei Bungaku Kenkyu, 55, pp.47-56, 2009.
  • Loulan as Seen in Six Dynasties' Poetry: A Focus on the Yuefu “Baima Pian", Chugoku Chusei Bungaku Kenkyu, 52, pp.15-40, 2007.
  • Hōko Every Three Years: Huang Zunxian’s “Yūhōko(遊豊湖)” and “Kōgorokugatsujūtōhōkoshikan(庚午六月重到豊湖誌感)”, Chugoku Koten Bungaku Kenkyu, 2, pp.311-321, 2004.
  • Huang Zunxian’s “Yūhōko(遊豊湖)”, Chugoku Chusei Bungaku Kenkyu, 45/46, pp.353-369, 2004.
  • The Narrative Qualities of Huang Zunxian’s Poetry, The New Education of Kanbun, 37, pp.21-29, 2003.
  • The “Talkativeness” of Huang Zunxian’s Poetry: Typification and Descriptiveness, Bulletin of the Sinological Society of Japan, 55, pp.181-195, 2003.
  • Family Stories: Poems Depicting Huang Zunxian’s Family, Chugoku Chusei Bungaku Kenkyu, 44, pp.82-93, 2003.
  • Interpretation of Gong Zizhen’s Poem “Màn Gǎn”, Bulletin of Shikoku Women’s University, 10(2), pp.299-309, 1991.